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CSA $1000 Montgomery issue Treasury note of the 1861 First Series.
CSA $10 Richmond issue Treasury note of the 1864 Seventh Series.

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Seven Series of Confederate notes, consisting of 70 different Types, were created over the course of the Civil War. These started with the famous Montgomery issue of $1000, $500, $100, and $50 notes in very limited quantities. The last series issued millions of pink to orange to red faced and blue or no back designs of 1864 in nine denominations from $500 to 50 cents.

Historical Background

The Confederate States of America was born February 9th, 1861 when a provisional government was created at Montgomery, Alabama. Seven states – South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas – formed the new nation. Jefferson Davis (Mississippi) and Alexander Stephens (Georgia) were elected President and Vice President, respectively. After hostilities broke out at Ft Sumter on April 12, four more states - Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia would join the Confederacy. Kentucky and Missouri would have both Union and Confederate governments, but for most of the War, were mostly Union states. War would continue for more than four years with the surrender of General Stand Waite on June 23, 1865, in Indian Territory ending hostilities on land resulting in the end of the Confederate States of America.

The first act the provisional Congress authorized was a $15 million loan to be secured by 8% bonds payable in September 1871. Along with this, the provisional Congress passed a tax of 1/8th of one cent per pound on exported cotton from the Confederate States of America. This first bond issue was oversubscribed. These bonds and taxes were to provide a financial foundation to start the new nation. There would be numerous bonds issues throughout the history of the Confederacy.  Most of the Acts of the Confederate Congress that authorized the seven series of Confederate treasury notes, also authorized bond issues.

As the guns fell silent at the close of the U.S. Civil War in the spring of 1865, troops from both sides went home to rebuild their lives.  The Confederates in the South were saddled with great destruction, an occupying Union army, prohibitive new taxes, and a worthless currency, shunned with bad memories or kept as mementoes of a Lost Cause. Union troops also brought back mementoes including the curious, now seemingly worthless Confederate paper money. In the young field of American numismatics, Confederate paper money collecting took hold immediately, primarily in the wealthier northeast. One of the first sales of Confederate paper money was held by W. Elliot Woodward in New York City on December 10, 1865. A $1000 Montgomery issue Confederate note brought $4.75 and a similar $500 bill yielded $2.50. Only American colonial coins and paper money along with U.S. large and half cents had a significant earlier collecting tradition.

Confederate Currency Series and Types

Seven Series of Confederate notes, consisting of 70 different design/denomination Types, were created over the course of the Civil War. The following link provides information on each of the Series and Type of Confederate currency, including images of several of the notes.

Other Confederate Currency Topics

  • Varieties
  • Military Issuers
  • Counterfeits
  • Southern States Issues

Ways to Collect Confederate Currency

Collecting CSA notes can be a very rewarding endeavor, meeting new friends, providing great learning opportunities as well as potential financial gains. The following article explores numerous ways to approach collecting these pieces of history.

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Research Resources

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